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Who do we help?

When negotiating with the insurance company of the culprit, we mainly represent victims traffic accidents, but also survivors who lost their loved ones in a traffic accident. Our primary concern is securing all of our clients' legal claims for personal injury compensation.

We also represent clients in compensation negotiations for occupational accidents.

Were you injured in a traffic accident caused by another driver?
Regardless of whether you pedestrian, cyclist, or driver or passengerin the car, and another driver caused you injury, you are entitled to appropriate compensation. This belongs to you even if the culprit   ran away from the scene of the accident and it was not possible to establish his identity. In cooperation with our legal experts, we will prepare such documents to secure your claims in order to obtain compensation for you in the maximum amount to which you are entitled.
What compensation are you entitled to?
When determining the amount of compensation, it always depends on the type and severity of the injury. The main component is mainly painful. We can also obtain other forms of fulfillment for you:
compensation for further non-property damage
compensation for the difficulty of social application
compensation for mental suffering
health care costs
funeral compensation
material damage
monetary benefits (in particular, compensation: for loss of earnings during the period of incapacity for work and after the end of incapacity for work; for loss of pension; compensation for free work performed by the injured party; costs of maintenance of survivors with monetary pension; compensation)
What do we need from you to process the compensation?
medical reports, expert opinions
any documents from the Police, if they investigated the accident, or information about ongoing proceedings
and other documents that we will communicate to you after consulting the case
Don't have any of the listed documents?
It doesn't matter, still contact us and we will arrange everything necessary. 
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