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Who do we help?

When negotiating with the insurance company of the culprit, we mainly represent victims traffic accidents, but also survivors who lost their loved ones in a traffic accident. Our primary concern is securing all of our clients' legal claims for personal injury compensation.

We also represent clients in compensation negotiations for occupational accidents.

Did you have an accident at work?
Have you been injured on the job? Whether the accident occurred in a warehouse, in an office, on a construction site or perhaps at a home office, you have the right to claim compensation for every work-related accident. 
What compensation are you entitled to?
The basis of compensation for injuries at work usually consists of the so-called painful ones. Its amount depends on the type of injury according to pain points. We can also obtain other forms of fulfillment for you:
compensation for loss of earnings during the period of incapacity for work
compensation for loss of earnings after the end of incapacity for work
compensation for pain and difficulty in social application
expediently incurred costs associated with treatment
one-time compensation for non-pecuniary damage in case of particularly serious injury to the employee's health
reimbursement of purposefully incurred costs associated with treatment and reimbursement of reasonable costs associated with burial
compensation for maintenance costs of survivors
one-time compensation for non-property damage
compensation for material damage to the employee himself or to the employee's heirs
What do we need from you to process the compensation?
work accident record
employment contract and its amendments or agreement
pay slip or pay stub
any other documents, e.g. medical reports, disability pension award, proof of sick leave, invoices for assessments
The amount of financial compensation varies from case to case.
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