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Who do we help?

When negotiating with the insurance company of the culprit, we mainly represent victims traffic accidents, but also survivors who lost their loved ones in a traffic accident. Our primary concern is securing all of our clients' legal claims for personal injury compensation.

We also represent clients in compensation negotiations for occupational accidents.

Did someone close to you die in a traffic accident?
A tragic accident can change a life overnight. If your loved one was seriously injured or died in a traffic accident, you are legally entitled to compensation. This can help financially cope with a loss or major life change.
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What compensation are you entitled to?
The basis of compensation for the death or particularly serious injury to the health of a loved one is usually the so-called compensation for mental suffering. Its amount depends on many factors, e.g. the quality of the mutual relationship with the deceased or injured person. We can also obtain other forms of fulfillment for you:
health care costs
cash benefits (mainly maintenance costs with a survivor's cash pension)
compensation for other non-property damages (especially various temporary limitations in previous activities - e.g. diets, fixation aids, etc.)
funeral expenses
náhrady, pokud byl zemřelý povinen pozůstalým výživou
What do we need from you to process the compensation?
death, birth and marriage certificates
all documents proving payment
Don't have any of the listed documents?
It doesn't matter, still contact us and we will arrange everything necessary. 
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